“Expert deal maker, product developer and human performance strategist. I brought Bella into both AMP and Optus to lead human capital transformation projects. On both occasions she fast tracked our transformation ambitions by winning the hearts and minds of potential customers, our internal leaders and external delivery partners. She has a knack at selling a vision to all levels of an organisation and magnetically attracting others to it and bringing people on a journey to deliver it with speed.”

Mukul Agrawal, Head of Transformation



“Downright inspiring, experiential and entertaining. Bella is the ultimate high performance coach. She has us Googlers on the edge of our seats and on our feet experimenting with quirky ways we can all find our flow to achieve more in less time. Bella has a unique ability to blend humour, stories and science to inspire anyone into high performance no matter what their background or experience level. Without a doubt, she’s the best high performance strategist and coach we’ve engaged because, she not only speaks about it, she walks her talk as well”.

Amy Zhang, Google G-Tech



"Bella is a game changing wellness product development strategist. She has a unique flair for growing businesses particularly in the health and wellness space. Her energy and passion was infectious in our team and in her clients like Sainsburys and Reed Elsevier. Her brain thinks in years ahead of the growth curve helping organisations future proof themselves and anticipates customers needs before they know them themselves. She is a focused and determined executive and knows how to engage people to deliver sustained results. Her work saw our clients add millions in new revenues. Bella is also a fun and philanthropic individual, this makes her well rounded and an asset to any organisation looking to expand their business or stretch their people to higher performance while staying well in the process."
Larry Zentner, Inzenka